Farris Theatre


In the mood for hot buttered pop corn, a coke and a good show? The Farris Theatre is the place for you. The fully restored historic Farris Theatre and Arts District hosts current movies, theatrical productions, musical productions, art shows, weddings, and other community events.

The building was built as an opera house in 1901 and called the Dougherty Auditorium, named after Sam Dougherty who built and operated the theatre for several years. The theatre was home to movies and live acts as well. Through the century, the theatre had numerous owners and at times sat empty, not being used. In 1995, Friends of the Farris, Inc. acquired and began renovations of the Farris Theatre. Many donations from the community and long hours of hard work have brought the Farris back to life, including the recent completion of the restoration of the Farris Arts District.

Movies, plays, school events, youth programs, choirs, art shows, community and church events, weddings, comedians, magicians, bands, variety shows, the list goes on and on of the array of entertainment and social happenings at the Farris. We hope you get a chance to visit and enjoy this gem of Richmond.

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